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Radius T°™ Continuous Thermometer-3 Pack

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Only available in the United States

Keep an eye on a loved one’s temperature – continuously, remotely, and hassle-free.

Radius T° is an innovative new wearable and disposable thermometer for ages 5+ that sends round-the-clock temperature measurements and high temperature notifications directly to your mobile phone. Now you can easily keep an eye on a fever, so you don’t miss something important.

Each kit contains 3 single-use continuous thermometers, each lasting up to 8 days.


Upgrade Your Thermometer

Change to hassle-free continuous temperature tracking

Continuous measurements

Hassle-free temperature measurements, 24/7 for up to 8 days. Keep a constant eye on their fever, without even waking them.

High temperature notifications

Automatically sends readings to your mobile device and notifies you if temperature is high.*

Temperature trending

A regular thermometer tells you where your fever is. With Radius T°, you continually see if temperature is trending up or down, so you can see how the fever is progressing.

Hassle-Free Continuous Thermometer

Comfortably worn on chest for up to 8 days
Water resistant – can be worn while showering
Fully disposable after use
Reliable accuracy (± 0.2°F)**
Seamlessly sends data to mobile device via Bluetooth®
Can be used by anyone age 5+

Always at Your Fingertips

With the Masimo Radius T° mobile app, you can easily keep an eye on a fever*


See if temperature is in or out of range at a quick glance.


Easily see which way temperature is trending and how long it's been high, so you can monitor progress.


Automatically notifies you if the temperature is high, so you know when additional action may be needed.

Available for Apple and Android devices

Download and install the free Masimo Radius T° App from: Apple/App Store or Android/Google Play.

Radius T° System Includes:

  • 3 Continuous Temperature Sensors
    (each wearable for up to 8 days & disposable)
  • Setup Instructions
  • Downloadable Masimo Radius T° Mobile App
  • 30-Day Return Policy on Unopened Boxes
  • Warranty Information

* Mobile device must be within Bluetooth® communication range and connected to temperature sensor to receive continuous readings and notifications. When not connected to your phone, the Radius T° Sensor stores at least 8 hours of temperature readings and will transfer that historical data to your phone when you reconnect.
** The laboratory accuracy of Radius T° is ±0.18°F (±0.1°C) for an input surface temperature range of 77°F to 109.4°F (25°C to 43°C).

Radius T° is not FDA 510(k) cleared. The device is marketed under the FDA’s Enforcement Policy for Clinical Electronic Thermometers During COVID-19.

Serial Number: PLCO-004596/PLM-12590C-1220

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