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How to Use It

Get started with the Masimo W1 Advanced Health Tracking Watch

Download the Masimo Health app, then follow the instructions in the app to pair your Masimo W1.

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Put on Your Watch

Place the watch on the flat part of your wrist, avoiding the wrist bone. Tighten the M-band™ so the watch does not slide on the wrist. Then tighten one or two more notches. To obtain good health data, the watch needs to be snug (but not uncomfortably tight).

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Start a Health Measurement

Press the top button on the right side of the watch to access the main menu. Touch the SpO2 icon and press start to initiate a measurement.

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Pair Your Watch

In the Masimo Health App, choose Device from the Menu. Press the Add Device button, then select Masimo W1 from the list of devices and follow the instructions for pairing the watch to your mobile device.

illustration of Masimo W1 watch connecting to phone app

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Who can use Masimo W1?

Any person who would like to track their health and wellness data can use the Masimo W1 watch.

Is Masimo W1 compatible with my smartphone?

Masimo W1 is compatible with Android and iOS devices. View a list of compatible phone operating systems and versions.

How do I download the Masimo Health App?

Search for the Masimo Health app in the Google Play or App Store: Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOS)

Is the app available for tablet?

Yes, both the Masimo Personal Health and Masimo SafetyNet apps are available for tablets.

Where can I purchase Masimo W1 accessories?

Please contact Customer Service for additional accessories such as the M-band or charger.

Does Masimo W1 require a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection?

Once the app is downloaded onto your smartphone, you do not need Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. The watch connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth®.

How close does my phone need to be to the watch?

The watch must be within Bluetooth range of your phone to receive data. This distance can vary depending on the use environment but can be up to 100 feet (maximum distance) with direct visual line of sight between the watch and your phone.

When can I wear the Masimo W1?

The watch can be worn at any time, allowing you to monitor health data during activities as varied as workouts and overnight sleep patterns.

Can I get the Masimo W1 wet?

The watch is water-resistant (IP24 rating) – it can be worn in the shower but should not be submerged.

How long does the battery last?

The watch lasts up to 21 hours after being fully charged.

What happens to my health data?

If you connect your device to the Masimo Health App, the data collected by your W1 will download locally to the App and sent to the Masimo Health cloud hosted by AWS. The App will also hold any data that you enter manually into the App. Depending on the setting you choose, you may be able to share your health data with your family, friends or other persons with whom you choose to share your health data. Your data will be collected and stored on the App and our AWS cloud server until deleted.

What happens to reports and data saved in the Masimo Health App?

Your health data, as well as any data related to your account will remain on your Masimo Health App until you delete the App and your account. When you delete your account, the delete event will cascade down to delete all your account profile information, shared access agreements or invitations, and associated health data.

What is the warranty for Masimo W1?

Masimo W1 has a 3-year warranty. Read more information about warranty. Contact Masimo Customer Support for further questions.

How do I modify/cancel my subscription?

Contact Customer Service for any modifications to your account including changing your contact email, updating account information for gifting the Masimo W1 to someone else, and cancelling your service membership.


Symptom Possible Causes Next Step
Masimo W1 does not charge. The charger is not properly connected.
  • Check that the charger cable is properly connected to the USB Power Adapter.
  • Check that the USB Power Adapter is plugged into the power outlet completely.
Poor connection between Masimo W1 and the charger.
  • Ensure no object or foreign material is between the Masimo W1 and the charger.
  • Ensure the back of the Masimo W1 is clean.
Masimo W1 internal error.
  • Restart the Masimo W1 by pressing and holding both side buttons for at least 15 seconds.
  • If problems persist, contact Masimo Support.
Masimo W1 is not connected to the app on the smart device. App is incompatible with smart device.
  • Ensure the correct app is being used.
  • Ensure the latest version of the app is installed.
Connection issues between Masimo W1 and smart device.
  • Check that Masimo W1 Bluetooth is on.
  • Check that Masimo W1 has been paired through the App and not just the smart device Bluetooth settings.
  • Unpair and pair the Masimo W1 to the smart device again using the App.
  • Restart the Masimo W1 by pressing and holding both side buttons for at least 15 seconds and retry the pairing procedure on the App.
Vitals data not displayed or measurement values don’t look correct.
  • Readings may not have stabilized.
  • Masimo W1 may not be worn properly.
  • Allow time for readings to stabilize.
  • Check if blood flow to the arm/wrist is restricted.
  • Check that Masimo W1 is worn properly and that the M-band is snug.

If you have tried all of these steps but still have issues, please contact Masimo Customer Support.


Personal SafetyNet Service Membership Resources

User's Guide

For use with Masimo SafetyNet with the Advanced membership service

Device Compatibility

Masimo tests and validates with a variety of mobile devices to ensure compatibility. If you do not see your mobile device currently listed below, check back soon, as we frequently add support for new mobile devices. Please contact Masimo Customer Support with any questions.

Download and install the free Masimo Health app from: Android/Google Play or Apple/App Store

  • Android
    • Android 7.0 through Android 12.0
  • Apple
    • iOS 13, 14, 15

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