Radius T°™


Radius T°™

Stay on top of a fever with hassle-free, continuous temperature monitoring

Coming Fall 2020

Radius T°™ is an innovative wearable thermometer that sends round-the-clock temperature measurements and alerts directly to your mobile device. With it, you can easily keep an eye on a fever, so you don't miss something important.

Monitor without interrupting sleep

Hassle-free continuous monitoring, 24/7 for up to 8 days. No need to even wake them.

Alerts to your mobile device

Automatically sends readings to your mobile device and notifies you if temperature is out of range*

Automatic trends

A regular thermometer tells you where your child’s fever is. Masimo Radius T° helps you see which way it’s trending, so you can easily see if the fever is getting better or worse.

Hospital-grade technology

For over 25 years, Clinicians and Pediatricians have trusted Masimo technology to help keep children safe. Now you can bring Masimo into your home.

Upgrade now to a better way of managing a fever

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Worry-Free Continuous Monitoring

Comfortably worn on chest for up to 8 days
Water resistant – can be worn while showering
Fully disposable after use
Reliable accuracy (± 0.2°F)**
Seamlessly sends data to mobile device via Bluetooth®
Can be used by anyone age 5+

Always at Your Fingertips

With the Masimo Radius T° mobile app, you can easily keep an eye on a fever at all times


See if temperature is in or out of range at a quick glance


See whether the fever is getting better or worse, so you can monitor progress


Automatically notifies you if the temperature is out-of-range, so you know when additional action may be needed

Available for Apple and Android devices

Available for download when product ships


  • * Mobile device must be within Bluetooth® communication range of temperature sensor
  • ** The laboratory accuracy of Radius T°™ is ±0.18°F (±0.1°C) for an input surface temperature range of 77°F to 109.4°F (25°C to 43°C).


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