Cover of textbook: The Science of Fitness; Power, Performance, and Endurance

Greg LeMond & Mark Hom, MD

Here are some possible niche uses of the Masimo iSpO2 for specific types of athletes and exercise situations:

  1. High altitude training: The US Olympic training camp is in Colorado Springs well over a mile above sea level. Living at high altitude causes some adaptive changes to low pO2such as increasing hemoglobin. Pulse oximetry could help monitor for O2 desaturation and detect those at risk for altitude sickness when exercising intensely at the lower pO2, found at high altitude.
  2. Fitness trainers who train their athletes at altitude or push them very, very hard: Trainers like to have data and might be interested in even small changes in O2 saturation. The iSpO2makes this data very precise and repeatable.
  3. Extreme mountain climbing: where high altitude, high exertion, hypothermia, and sometimes supplemental O2 combine to make O2 a key element of performance and safety.” (p. 133)
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