Training and Recovery benefits of the Masimo MightySat

Thu, Mar 26, 20
With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on the horizon, this is one of the most important years ...

Best Personal Use Pulse Oximeter in 2020

Mon, Jul 22, 19
What is a Pulse Oximeter? A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is designed to provide you with various impor...

Interview with Garrett Kenyon

Tue, Jul 30, 19
Garrett Kenyon, Professional Distance Runner ...

Michi Weiss’s Typical Work Day

Thu, Jul 18, 19
Today I want to give you some insight into my typical “work” day, training as a professional triathlete...

Interview with 2019 Motocross Thunder Valley 450 podium finisher Zach Osborne

Sat, Jun 22, 19
Zach Osborne, Supercross/Moto X Champion ...

Interview with 2016 Beach Volleyball Olympian, Lauren Fendrick

Tue, Jul 16, 19
2016 Beach Volleyball Olympian, Lauren Fendrick 1. What is your greatest str...

Interview with Heather Jackson

Tue, Jul 16, 19
Heather Jackson is strong. She is a strong cyclist, a strong runner, she has a strong mind and she is the kee...

Gary Harris is off to a soaring start

Thu, Jul 18, 19
The Denver Nuggets guard and his trainer, Steve Hess, prepared for the NBA season with the aid of the Masimo Mi...
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