Killing it! Kelly Claes partners with MightySat to make sure her spikes stay inbounds

Thu, Jul 18, 19
Beach volleyball pro and former heart patient using Masimo’s pulse oximeter to monitor her heart and conditioning...

MightySat Athlete Ambassadors Triumphant

Thu, Jul 18, 19
Triathlete Heather Jackson opened May with a victory at the prestigious Wildflower Experience for the fourth time...

A Hi-Tech Beach

Thu, Jul 18, 19
Beach volleyball players make use of technology to have their bodies in the best form to compete around the world... – Racerhead: The Goods – February 2018

Thu, Jul 18, 19
The Goods: MightySat Am I really tired or just being lazy? That was a question I asked myself often when I was ra... – 2018 Buyers Guide Special Issue

Thu, Jul 18, 19
Gear: MightySat This tiny device just might eliminate Oxygen deprivation. Hypoxia takes hold when the oxygen leve...

Greg Romero Answers Questions on the Masimo MightySat Pulse Oximeter

Thu, Jul 18, 19
With BMX being an Olympic discipline all kinds of ways are found to get healthier, stronger and faster. Welcome...

FIVB three-star event in Qinzhou, China

Thu, Jul 18, 19
In case you didn’t already know… flying to China from the US is no joke. A few weeks ago FIVB held a 3 star ev...

Mighty Ironmen

Thu, Jul 18, 19
The Ironman World Championship is the crown jewel of triathlon. It’s epic from the word go. No doubt you’ve been ...

Local Swimmer Just Broke Six Records at the Junior World Championships

Fri, Jul 19, 19
Michael Andrew has so many medals and trophies, he’s lost count. It’s been about seven years of complete racing, ...

Michael Weiss’ Secret Weapon

Mon, Jul 22, 19
IRONMAN pro Michael Weiss’ season got off to a rough start after a bike crash in Mexico, but with the help of th...

Heather Jackson Donates Win Proceeds to Peru Flood Victims

Wed, Jul 17, 19
Global nutrition company Herbalife has congratulated sponsored triathlete Heather Jackson on winning IRONMAN 70.3...

Lauren Fendrick’s Breathing Experiments

Mon, Jul 22, 19
Over the last couple months I have been experimenting with a couple different breathing methods – Box breathing ...
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