Training and Recovery benefits of the Masimo MightySat

Thu, Mar 26, 20
With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on the horizon, this is one of the most important years ...

Interview with Garrett Kenyon

Tue, Jul 30, 19
Garrett Kenyon, Professional Distance Runner ...

Stig Severinsen seeking to make the dangerous game of freediving safer

Wed, Jul 24, 19
Sports Illustrated By Tom Taylor Free diver Stig Severinsen doesn’t want to lose anyone else. “I lost my best fr...

The Role of Technology & Data: the Future of Freediving

Wed, Jul 24, 19
For the past few years Vertical Blue has shown its thought-leadership around adopting technology to benefit its ...

Winning Measures

Wed, Jul 24, 19
Athletes at all levels are using high-tech devices to boost their sports performance. By Kate Ferguson When it ...

Masimo MightySat Cockpit Health Monitor

Tue, Jul 23, 19
Masimo is marketing its new MightySat wireless pulse oximeter/personal health monitor to both pilots and enduranc...

Tennis Channel Interview with Taylor Fritz, Andrea Hlavackova & Joe Kiani at 2017 BNP Paribas Open

Tue, Jul 23, 19
Taylor Fritz, Andrea Hlavackova & Joe Kiani at 2017 BNP Paribas Open

Anna Tunnicliffe uses MightySat

Mon, Jul 22, 19
Have you ever had a day when you are simply exhausted? Maybe you have had a hard couple of days of working and tr...
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