MLS goalie Brian Rowe goes inside the World Cup to provide a MightySat perspective

With soccer mania at full tilt as the eyes of the world were hungrily focused on the pursuit of the sport’s holy grail, the FIFA World Cup, ever wonder what the players were experiencing physically during the pressure-packed tournament? Brian Rowe, veteran goaltender for the MLS’s Vancouver Whitecaps who got his first call-up to the US men’s national team last year, is keenly aware of the taxing physical demands the athletes faced and the toll it took on the body when playing in the blinding glare of the World Cup spotlight. The 29-year-old Chicago native offers a high-tech solution to help gather data towards achieving better performances: the MightySat pulse oximeter.

“There were a number of upsets and surprises in the tournament and we’ve seen that any team can win on any day. When these games are decided by the tiniest of margins, any advantage helps and that’s where the MightySat pulse oximeter would be invaluable,” said Rowe, who is in his second season of competing, training and recovering with the MightySat.


Once you get past the immense stress of performing on such a massive global stage, essentially it boils down to playing the game(s) like any other, hence the importance of proper training and recovery methods for the athletes to play at their very best.

“The majority of these players are coming straight off from playing full seasons for their club teams. A full season is a grind to begin with and very demanding on the body. Without any break, they must go and represent their countries in the biggest tournament in the world at the highest level of competition,” said Rowe, a 6’1”, 185-pounder in his seventh season as a professional, his first with the Canadian squad after spending six seasons with the LA Galaxy.

The games were played in numerous locations throughout Russia during the all-important quadrennial, which meant the athletes endured the rigors of travel during off days, further taxing the body and slashing into recovery time between games. Oppressive heat was another element the players had to contend with.

“The weather is hot in Russia and teams have to travel around the country to play their games in different cities with only have a few days to recover in between matches. The MightySat would be an invaluable tool to help the players get hard data on their recovery, hydration, sleep and work load,” said Rowe.

Rowe is part of the growing roster of professional athletes, world champions and Olympians throughout the sports world using the quick, easy-to-use and portable MightySat in their training toolbox. The data generated by the MightySat and collected by the Masimo Personal Health app can be used to help measure cardiovascular fitness, exertion levels and speed of recovery, the latter which is made simple with the use of the Heart Rate Recovery calculator, an exclusive feature on the Masimo Personal Health app. The MightySat may detect changes in hydration, breathing, fatigue and stress levels as well as changes caused by altitude. Athletes and their coaches use the data to make informed decisions about training and recovery, thus know when they are ready to go all out, reduce training load or intensity, or take a rest day.

As the buzz fizzles in the aftermath of crowning a new World Cup champion, American soccer fans can get their kicks watching MLS games. Rowe and his Whitecaps have regular season games scheduled now through the end of October.

Utilizing the best available technology to accurately and reliably measure and gather key data not available on other health and wellness devices, MightySat is for use by anyone wanting to improve their health, wellness or fitness. For more information, please visit

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