Mighty Tech Tip from A Pro: Steve Hess

Steve Hess is a ball of energy! After 21 years as the performance coach for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, the exuberant South African native took on a larger position as chief performance officer for the Panorama Orthopedic and Spine Center and operating owner for Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute in Denver where he trains a growing stable of professional athletes in a variety of sports, including the Nuggets’ Gary Harris. Hess’s boundless enthusiasm for MightySat spurred us to ask this master for a tech tip about how he uses the device with the athletes under his charge. His response is a little advanced, but his meaning – and enthusiasm – is clear.

“I’ve been using the MightySat with my athletes to monitor hydration levels as I manipulate their macronutrients during their off-season training. This enables me to determine largely how to manipulate fats and carbohydrates in the effort to best prepare them for optimal continued peak performance. Monitoring the athlete’s perfusion index (strength of blood flow) has made the MightySat an invaluable tool in indicating changes in hydration levels as I manipulate macronutrients while keeping them at optimal levels. Kaboom!!!”

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