Greg Romero Answers Questions on the Masimo MightySat Pulse Oximeter

With BMX being an Olympic discipline all kinds of ways are found to get healthier, stronger and faster. Welcome to the Masimo device. Make sure to know when to train, find out how fit you are and how fast you’re recovering. We fired over some questions to BMX Coach Greg Romero to explain a little more about the Masimo MightySat-pulse-oximeter.


How did you find out about the Masimo MightySat-pulse-oximeter?
Greg: Through Cycling Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch, she approached me at a Southern California Criterium event and shared with me the benefits on how it was a key instrument in her preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.

In what way has it helped you preparing for the 2018 World’s in Rock Hill?
Greg: It helped me day to day understand how my recovery was and letting me know how hard and intense I can train for the day.

What exactly does it measure that helps with the way BMX riders train?
Greg: It measures blood oxygenation saturation levels, meaning, it lets you know how much oxygen is in your blood. The more the better.

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