Ben Stoneberg’s key device the MightySat Pulse Oximeter

A lot of you might be wondering what the Masimo MightySat is and how I use it during my training. Wonder no more.

First off, this is a device I use daily; in the morning, before and after a workout, and before bed. I check a few different things like heart rate, oxygen saturation, and PVi (pleth variability index).

I use the data specifically to aid my training. Knowing when it’s a good time to take a rest day, breath control and for interval work is valuable to me. For example I use the heart rate to work on my breathing. Controlling your breathing during an intense workout is huge. I make sure to stay calm and take deep breaths. I use the heart rate directly in workouts mainly interval work. An example of a workout would be five rounds 800m run, 10 clean and jerks at 135, 95 for women. During my rest period I’ll put on the MightySat and work on deep controlled breathing to speed up my recovery. Once the heart rate decreases under one hundred beats per minute I head out on the next round. I’ve found focusing on breathing deeply and controlled will reduce your heart rate faster than if you breath out of control. This translates right into competitions because I know what it feels like to have your heart rate get out of control. From training I can tell my heart rate is either too high or that I can push harder. This is beneficial because many athletes burn themselves out quickly, which means you redlined. If you have other workouts left to do it’s going to take longer to recover than someone who focused more on pacing and breathing.

Another key number is oxygen saturation. It tells me when it’s ok to workout or to rest. The numbers that read on the MightySat will be between 95-100. If I see I’m at or below 97, I know my body is tired and needs rest before I workout again. Knowing this is key! It’s the measurement of oxygen saturation or Sp02 in the arterial blood. These numbers mainly change because of lung, heart function, stress, over training and altitude. So you can see how important this number is to training at a high level. I take it very seriously and believe it gives me an upper hand in training and in everyday living.

The next number I use is PVi. I use it as a way to measure changes in my hydration, breathing effort, and perfusion. I keep a close eye on this number to help me indicate if I’m breathing at too high of rate where my body can’t keep up. It usually means I need to slow down and get my breathing under control.

For any athlete pushing their bodies to the limit is necessary, so it’s awesome to see instant data like the MightySat gives. Just put the device on your finger and you will get data almost instantly. It’s the best pulse oximeter on the market. Small and easy to carry around so you will never be without it. I always have it in my gym bag. It’s such a great quality device that Apple Store carries it online. Check it out!!!

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