Michi Weiss

Olympian and Ironman Champion

“In addition to knowing my body, accurate innovative measuring tools quantify my true state of recovery. I trust and rely on the new MightySat fingertip pulse oximeter daily to manage my training load.”


Masimo MightySat – A Day in the Life of Michi Weiss, Professional Triathlete


Step-by-Step Protocol for the use and application of the Masimo MightySat by Michi Weiss

  • Download the Masimo App on your smartphone. Sync your MightySat with your smartphone.
  • Put the MightySat on your non-dominant ring finger as shown. We are ready to go!
  • Most effective: When first starting, I measured every day at the same time(s), situation(s), and body position(s), in order to establish my personal “baseline” data.
  • Examples: Just after waking up lying in bed, before working out, sitting in the car, after training on the couch, before sleeping in bed.
  • I then share the recorded data with my coach via Masimo App data history, or screen shot. I track it on my training diary.
  • Each measurement takes 1-2 minutes. I try to calm down for a moment before I start. The MightySat will start by itself once it’s on your finger. If you are using the Masimo app, turn it on.
  • During measurement my main goal is to lower RRp, aka how many times per minute I am breathing. I try to breathe deeply with my diaphragm (“through the belly”).
  • When I began using the MightySat, I tracked my SpO2 and PR over a few days, getting to know MY individual “baseline” numbers. Note: At higher elevations starting from about 3000ft (example: 5500ft in Boulder, CO) it is normal that SpO2 is about 3-5% lower. The higher you go, the lower it will be. You should see your best and/or highest SpO2 on sea level.
  • How to apply the data from SpO2: If my SpO2 is 3% (or more) lower than usual, I don’t consider that for me there’s enough oxygen in my system and/or my breathing is too flat. So I rest or take it easy on that day! So, if yours is the same, consider modifying your training plan to take a recovery day.
  • How to apply Pulse Rate (PR): If my PR is 10bpm (or more) higher than usual, I feel I am overly stressed, fatigued and/or dehydrated. So I try to calm down, take it easy, skip an intense workout and re-hydrate with sports drink, or something with electrolytes.
  • Relax with MightySat: If I try to lower my RRp, I automatically calm down. It is similar to meditating!
  • MightySat on the go: Thanks to its small robust case and light-weight, you can bring it anywhere. Where it should always be, is right next to you over night, so that you don’t have to get up before morning measurement.
  • Case examples (specific to Michi Weiss): Just after waking up, my SpO2 is usually between 96% and 98%, and my PR 45-52bpm. When I see 92-93% and over 55bpm, they are signs that I should take it easy on that day.


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